There was only one time when my dog ever interacted with another dog, and it will be the last time. She was on a leash and the neighbor made the mistake of walking her dog toward mine. Because that's what people do who have dogs. They like to introduce their dogs to new friends. Well my dog doesn't believe in having friends. It was a stone cold killer reaction when that cute little poodle came too close to my dog. My mad Maltese rammed its head into the face of the poodle. The poodle fell on its back just far enough to where the leash stopped my dog from finishing the job. She never likes to look at other dogs. It drives her mad. She just wants to attack. She attacks the T.V. every time there is a dog on the screen. When she hears the neighbors dog barking from the other side of the wall, she stares at the wall making high pitched breathing sounds, as if she wants to run straight through the wall. I do not understand where she gets all this anger from. Maybe she has warrior ancestry from the past. Who knows, but does everyone else have the same problem with their Maltese?

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